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  • Smart Cities & Places

    SSE’s core business is energy and communications and is the best placed to guide you through your ‘smart technology journey’, from conception to delivery.

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  • Distributed Energy

    We’re delivering next-generation energy infrastructure across the UK and Ireland with leading-edge technology and investment.

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  • Telecoms

    Our extensive private telecoms network connects organisations with reliable, high-capacity connectivity solutions across the UK.

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  • Contracting

    We provide mechanical and electrical excellence from socket to street to substation, combining engineering expertise with our trusted heritage.

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  • Rail

    Using dedicated resources and a long-term, holistic approach to design, we’re delivering innovative solutions to modernise Britain’s rail network.

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  • Business Energy

    We provide organisations of all sizes with an enterprise energy package that’s right for them, helping power the UK’s economy.

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  • Energy Solutions

    We’re helping our customers to manage energy more efficiently, from identifying cost-saving opportunities to compliance.

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  • Forbury Assets Limited

    Forbury Assets Ltd (FAL) is SSE Enterprise’s Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO). FAL can adopt, own and operate electricity distribution networks across the whole of Great Britain.

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