SSE Enterprise Contracting Smart Street Lighting Realise Benefits for Ealing Council

Ealing Council light the way to energy savings with LED street lighting upgrade and Mayflower’s smart city CMS technology

As the project to transition the Borough’s 20,000 street lamps to LED’s reaches completion, Ealing Council has begun to realise the benefits of ‘going green’ but also advancing its ambitions of becoming a ‘Smart City’ by utilising SSE Enterprise Contracting’s colleagues at Mayflower Smart Control to install and operate a leading CMS (Central Management System)

In 2015, aiming to reduce street lighting energy and maintenance costs, works began in Ealing to replace all the existing high pressure sodium lights with state of the art LED Lanterns as part of an existing 25 year PFI (Private Finance Initiative) between the Council and SSE Enterprise Contracting. Switching to LED lighting alone may not normally be enough to meet a cities energy consumption and reduction targets. More adaptive and dynamic solutions are required with Ealing Council concluding that a CMS would enhance street light operational efficiency and provide increased flexibility with regards to light output levels.

With the emphasis on increasing controllability, Mayflower’s CMS were installed. This state of the art system provides remote control, monitoring and energy measurement of street lighting over a wireless interface, allowing the Council to adapt and manage lighting in line with lighting policy.

So far, the combination of LED conversion and the CMS has generated an estimated 45-50% of energy savings, as well as significantly reducing CO2 emissions. A large part of this has been accomplished by the move to LED, however further savings will be made as the Council makes increased use of the CMS system to ‘trim’ street lights in certain areas.

Other benefits anticipated by Ealing are a significant drop in false call outs, and a reduction in maintenance costs. This will be due to the longevity of the LED luminaires and the fact that the Mayflower CMS provides a report on the performance of each individual street light.

With the upgrade to LED’s and the Mayflower system ready to interact with future IoT applications Ealing Council is now well placed to take advantages of other technological solutions, and develop further as a ‘Smart City’.

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