Smart Buildings - Calderdale

West Yorkshire was known as the beating heart of the industrial revolution.

Today the area is celebrated for its vibrant communities, abundant wildlife, and its rich and dramatic landscape.
To help preserve this beautiful area and its residents’ quality of life, we’ve been working with Calderdale Council to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption for a variety of vital community services.

The first phase of the project demanded a broad range of high-level energy saving expertise. It began with expert analysis to find the best energy conservation measures that could be installed or upgraded across 14 separate buildings – ranging from a theatre, to a day centre, and a swimming pool.

Working from an approved plan, an Investment Grade Proposal was then drafted for each site which included detailed costs, designs, and guaranteed carbon and cost reductions. And as part of the government’s RE:FIT scheme,
it would pay for itself in just over 10 years.

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