First energisation for our IDNO business marks another key milestone for distributed energy

Nathan Sanders

As some of you may be aware SSE Enterprise, through its subsidiary Forbury Assets Limited, was recently granted an Independent Electricity Distribution (or IDNO) licence by Ofgem.

That was a vital milestone for our distributed energy business because it gave us another innovative energy solution we could provide to our clients. Now I’m delighted to announce further progress for us: namely the first energisation for our IDNO business.

Jade Business Park was energised on 16th July with the first substations coming online soon after – the first of what I hope will be many such projects for us. It’s also an exciting step for SSE Enterprise and clearly demonstrates the new ways that we can serve the evolving needs of customers and proves we can deliver on the solutions they require.

SSE Enterprise’s electricity networks team secured a contract with Buckinghamshire Properties to design and install site-wide electric utility infrastructure for the site which is located less than one minute from the A19 and is a premier destination for distribution, technology and manufacturing in the North East.

The 55-acre site is well linked to Tees Valley, Sunderland, Durham and Newcastle upon Tyne and because it has an Enterprise zone status, it will need a resilient and secure network that can power the businesses on site. This is exactly what SSE Enterprise will provide as well as adopting the risk involved to provide competitive commercial and technical solutions.

And finally, can I add how proud I am of the way Utility Solutions worked vigilantly during the COVID-19 pandemic to deliver the project on time and to client expectations. So, my thanks to all involved in the project in what is an exciting time for our distributed energy business and further proof of the ‘whole system thinking’ we bring to our clients.

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